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The Bacula book


Here you find an overview over the chapters of the bacula book and their contents. You can also download the Table of contents as a PDF file.

1 Introduction

  • Introduction to Bacula
  • Description of the corecomponents of bacula and their interaction.


2 Installation

  • Option to get to an running bacula syste: From import of the appliance to selfcompiling.


3 First steps

  • Get familiar with Bacula with first practical exercises.


4 Backup techniques and concepts

Intoduction to the basic terms of incremental, differential and full backup, backup interval and retention period.


5 Configuring Bacula

Bacula configuration: How does the preinstalled configuration work and how can it be adapted?


6 Backup hardware

How can backup hardware be configured for the use with Bacula? Harddisks, changeable media, single tape drives and tapechangers.


7 Operating Bacula

Detailed description of the usage of bacula. Deep description of the usage of the bacula console.


8 Advanced applications

Detailed description of the Bacula ressources with extended configuration examples.


9 Advanced configuration

COnfiguration of advanced bacula features: copies und migrations, data encryption, running jobs in parallel, virtual backup und backup throu firewalls


10 Internal processes

Description of different internal workflows in Bacula: communication during backup, database details.


11 Extended Applications

Combination of Bacula with third-party software: Backup of virtual machines of VMware or Citrix Xenserver. How can the Bacula Console be automated?


12 Emergency restore

How can the Bacula system itself be recovered after a disaster?


13 Troubleshooting

Some typical problems, their cause and fixing.


I Appendix

Description of the installation of the Bacula Client on Windows, Solaris und Mac OS. Detailed reference with tables for all Bacula Ressources, datatypes, variable replacements etc.